Tracking the kits

Linkcare’s seroscreening kits have a QR code imprinted on the back that allows them to be scanned with a mobile phone camera. Scanning the kit’s code directs the user to a website with information about the kit, including the manufacturing date, expiration date, lot number and current status (available, linked to a participant, waiting 15 minutes, waiting for results to be registered, results registered, expired, or cancelled). When the kit is associated with a participant, the system blocks access to the participants’ personal data.

The complete trackability makes it possible to ensure the kit’s quality as well as its status, in a fast, effective way, while each interaction with the kit is recorded.

Service options

Linkcare’s seroscreening kit can be contracted independently or together with a data management platform.

In specific circumstances, Linkcare can facilitate contracting personnel with adequate training for performing the tests.

Seroscreening kit

Specific and precise. Supply of kits so that the client can perform the Covid-19 seroscreening. The client is in charge of performing the test through their labor relations service or other system that they prefer, and is also in charge of keeping track of the data.

Kit + Data management

Security and control. Supply of seroscreening kits and use of Linkcare’s platform for managing data and keeping it anonymous and secure, as well as storing the results. The client contracts the performance of the test to their labor relations service or other system that they prefer.

Data mangement

The data management platform ensures:

  • The proper state of the kit used
  • That each test is associated with the correct participant at the moment that results are registered
  • That the results are read at the proper time (15 minutes after the finger prick)

All without having access to the participant’s personal information or data.

Generating electronic prescriptions

Organizations and businesses can generate their own electronic prescriptions in QR format as long as they fit the supported format. Or Linkcare can provide a complimentary tool for generating electronic prescriptions for those businesses that do not have the necessary infrastructure for creating them from their own information systems.